5 Hidden References in Taylor Swift’s Delicate Music Video

Here’s the thing.

Taylor Swift released the music video for reputation’s fourth single, Delicate.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this is the most vulnerable song on the entire album, both lyrically and rhythmically.

5 Things To Expect From Taylor Swift’s ‘Delicate’ Music Video

Basically, from five things I mentioned to expect in the music video, I got the Vulnerability fact right and the Drinks and It Boy partially (I’ll explain this further).

Now, let’s get to the five hidden messages in Delicate’s music video.

1. A glowy piece of paper

At the beginning of the video, Taylor gets a glowy piece of paper.

Everything changes for her from the very moment she reads it. She experiences some kind of physical death because no one can see/hear/feel her.

P.S.: There’s additional information in the fifth and last hidden reference.

2. Track 5

It’s well known among Swifties that Delicate is the track 5 of reputation.

I found interesting, but more in a curious way, that she added that reference in the video.

Yeah, I know, she’s on the subway and for anybody could mean track 5 like if it was a track from the subway station. But there must be something further.

3. Reputation

The whole record, and not just Delicate but the album, talks about her public image, her reputation.

However, if we talk about Delicate, it’s one of the songs from the album that repeats its title the most.

4. Echoes of Your Footsteps

On the east side of ‘reputation’ reference, we have the verse ”Echoes of your footsteps” painted on the wall.

When I think of this I imagine Taylor reminiscing about a special moment with somebody. She sings:

Echoes of your footsteps on the stairs. Stay here honey I don’t wanna share. ’Cause I like you.

5. Joe’s Deli

The video comes to an end, and it displays this (un)expected reference—and I didn’t make a mistake by enclosing ’un’ with parenthesis—.

In the alley that Taylor is dancing under the rain, there’s a sign of a restaurant called Joe’s Deli.

Of course, it must be about Joe Alwyn, her boyfriend.

Furthermore, I think firmly that the unknown guy that gives her the unfolded glowy paper at the beginning is the representation of Joe in the video—and I teased about this fact in my 5 Things to Expect from Taylor Swift’s Delicate Music Video—.

Why? Because she doesn’t feel judged by him despite what media and haters have to say about her life, her past and decisions.

[I must confess I’m really into Delicate’s aesthetic. The mix between cyan and gold is just harmonious and the production flawless as usual. It’s very pleasing to watch].

And last, but certainly not least, Taylor taught us a VERY remarkable lesson throughout the whole video.

When you decide to live your life for you, without stopping because of someone else’s opinion, you find true happiness.

You start living your life to the fullest when you make your own decisions and stop caring about the noise of your surroundings.

So, now that you know this, any thoughts?


  1. My favorite video of Rep!! Also the entire MV is about her being herself goofy, carefree and having fun, invisible to those who onlysee the image that the media created around her. Precious!

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