#77IoS Hot Tracks, August ’17

Hello, Inchers! 🖐🏼

These are 77IoS Hot Tracks for August 2017.

Hot Tracks

Younger Now • Miley Cyrus 🦄

Between ‘Malibu’ and ‘Younger Now’, I prefer ‘Malibu’ due to its rhythm.

However, I think that this great tune captures the essence of her sixth studio album, ‘Younger Now’.

I hope that listening to this record makes us feel younger.

What Lovers Do • Maroon 5 (feat. SZA) 🍭

Despite it’s not bad, Maroon 5 has released better singles. This is just an “Oh, let’s release a single to keep in touch with the world”, a beginning for their new album.

I thought that I would need to change my ‘Catchy of the Month’ because of this single. But it’s not that good.

Havana • Camila Cabello (feat. Young Thug) 🇨🇺

I don’t know about you, but this song gave me Selena Gomez’s ‘Same Old Love’ vibes. Do you know what I mean?

So far, I think that Camila’s work has been really fantastic. I’m really happy for her takeover on her solo music career.

If you’re ready to move your body from side to side, listen to Havana now!

Tell Me You Love Me • Demi Lovato 🗯

Are you into Demi Lovato’s new vibe? I’m not 100%.

I enjoy when she releases songs with a very intense rhythm. And that’s due to her powerful voice.

I think that she could offer so much more, just like she did with her first three albums.

Nonetheless, the chorus is pretty cool.


(Not) The One • Bebe Rexha 🙅🏼

As I told you in the previous 77IoS Hot Tracks July ’17, I don’t enjoy listening to Bebe Rexha like others do —sorry not sorry—. However, she surprised me with this song, which I found really catchy and great.

It describes that position in love when you want him/her but with a lower/higher intensity of commitment.

It may sound confusing, but once you listen to it you’ll understand what I’m saying.

Unapologetically • Kelsea Ballerini 🌸

This is such a beautiful song.

I don’t have more words for it, but I’m excited about her second album.


OMG • Camila Cabello (feat. Quavo) 🌴

Three words: Oh My God!

I didn’t tell you this while reviewing ‘Havana’, but I think that it was a pretty genius from her to release both singles on the same day. You have to different songs to sing along to!

Are you enjoying Camila’s new music?

Know No Better • Major Lazer (feat. Travis Scott, Camila Cabello & Quavo) [Bad Bunny Remix] 👾

This remix is way too cooler than the main version.

Bad Bunny’s voice adds more energy to the beginning of the song.

Also, I think it’s obvious that Camila and Quavo are a good duo.

Do you prefer the main version or this remix?

Angel • Fifth Harmony 👼🏼

TBH, their third studio album isn’t the greatest. I just like a few songs of it, including this one, ‘Messy’, and ‘Lonely Night’.

I think Fifth Harmony’s music career could be ending soon if they don’t do better next time.

What do you think about this?

What About Us • P!nk 👥

She’s back!

WAU is an awesome comeback. Its lyrics may be relatable for anybody that has gone through a similar situation.

I’ve had always thought that she has a lot to say. And speaking about her stunning acceptance speech receiving her Video Vanguard Award during the VMA’s 2017, I confirm my thought.

Are you excited for P!nk’s new album?!

Catchy of the Month

Future Me • Echosmith 🗣

One of the things I like the most about music is when the artist includes powerful messages on the lyrics of their songs. I really love that.

I’ve had been listening to this song on a daily basis, and every time that I do it I’m fulfilled.

I’m really looking forward to a new Echosmith album full of this vibe. Are you?

“I’m already who I want to be tomorrow. Who I want to be tomorrow is who I am right now”

Collab of the Month

Friends • Justin Bieber & BloodPop® 🐛

Among all the collaborations released this month, ‘Friends’ is my favorite.

Despite I like this song, I hope that Justin gives more strength on his next single.

77IoS-Album of the Month

Rainbow • Kesha 🌈

August 2017 was full of new singles, but I don’t recall a lot of new albums (If you think I’m wrong, you can leave a comment with all the album releases from this month).

Kesha went through a lot the past two years. A trial for sexual assault and health disorders are just two of all the things she dealt with.

Nevertheless, those problems didn’t stop her from making music.

‘Rainbow’ is an album with embrace-yourself and self-empowerment songs. There are many ballads, and rhythmic songs that will make you meditate about your life.

My favorites are ‘Boots’, ‘Hymn’, ‘Let ‘Em Talk’, ‘Woman’, ‘Learn To Let Go’, ‘Hunt You Down’, and ‘Praying’. Yours?

77IoS-Fav of the Month

Look What You Made Me Do • Taylor Swift 🐍

Although I can’t get bored from 1989, I waited for this single since last year. And I must confess it was totally worth the wait.

LWYMMD is the first answer to people that have messed up with Taylor’s life and ‘reputation’, which is also the title of her sixth studio album.

The lyrics are simply amazing, and the song is catchy AF. Also, the video was worldwide premiered during the VMA’s 2017, last Sunday, and the crowd went crazy when the video concluded.

Taylor, congratulations -in advance- for winning MTV’s Video of the Year in 2018.


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I hope that you liked my picks. These are a few of the songs released in August.

Until the next month! 🤘🏼👦🏻


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