#77IoS Hot Tracks, July ’17

Hello, Inchers! 🖐🏼

These are 77IoS Hot Tracks for July 2017.

Hot Tracks

Sorry Not Sorry • Demi Lovato 💎

TBH, I was expecting more from Demi.

The lyrics are vague, and it seems that she pulled off this song just to get through. Also, the video is really null.

Also, the video is really null.

It may be catchy, but she’s better than this.

Get Low • Zedd (feat. Liam Payne) 🌴

Demi let me down, but Zedd didn’t.

He has paired with the ‘Strip That Down’ singer to create a tropical tune that will remain this Summer.

Learn To Let It Go • Kesha 🍃

I’m really happy that Kesha’s back to the charts.

In the past, she dealt with many horrible things with her previous record label. But now she’s back with self-embracement and women empowerment.

Her new album is titled ‘Rainbow,’ and you can listen to her latest song below!

Boys • Charli XCX 🚹

‘Boys’ is a cool single.

I don’t know about you, but I loved the music video (Especially Joe Jonas and Cameron Dallas appearance.)

Worst in Me • Julia Michaels 🌈

Artist of the Year Alert!

This girl is a genius. You may know her as the ‘Issues’ singer:

‘Cause I got issues, and you got ’em too.

Her debut album is pretty cool. Sadly, only contains 7 songs. However, it’s a songwriting masterpiece. Besides ‘Issues’ and ‘Uh Huh,’ ‘Worst In Me’ is one of those 7, and is very good.

Goodbye • Echosmith 👋🏼

More like ‘Hello again, Echosmith!’

I missed this siblings band so much since their debut album ‘Talking Dreams.’

For me, ‘Goodbye’ is the beginning of a new Echosmith era, because they’ve certainly change a bit the topics they talk about in this song.

This tune is perfect to enjoy while you’re chilling in your room.

Chillin’ Like a Villian • Disney’s Descendants 2 Cast 😈

The first thing you need to know about Descendants 2, whether you saw the movie or not, is that its soundtrack is WAY BETTER than the first one.

I believe that the reason why lies in the fact that they’ve all grown up, and the producers had to reflect that in both movie and soundtrack.

‘Chillin’ Like a Villian’ is surely my favorite. China Anne McClain pulled off a Wanna-Be-Like Rihanna with ‘What’s My Name,’ and ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls.’

Don’t forget to listen ‘Evil,’ and ‘Better Together,’ both from the TV Series ‘Descendants: Wicked World,’ and included in the soundtrack.

Back to You • Louis Tomlinson (feat. Bebe Rexha, Digital Farm Animals) ⚽️

I must confess that I wasn’t too excited for this collab because I’m not into Bebe Rexha, but it’s really good. Actually, the combination of Louis and Bebe’s voice is great. The lyrics and the beat are awesome too.

It’s nice to enjoy Louis’ voice because while he was in One Direction I couldn’t appreciate it that well.

What do you think?

I Feel Everything • Cara Delevingne (From “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”) 👱🏻‍♀️

The song is ok —I think,— though I’m quite confused with Cara Delevingne singing.

What I mean is that I’ve never expected a song from her. Did you?

Unforgettable • Thomas Rhett 💭

One of the music genres I appreciate the most, along with Pop, is Country, and this song fulfills the monthly Country dose I need.

I must tell you that I didn’t know Mr. Rhett until a few days ago watching music videos on YouTube. Unquestionably, his style and Kelsea Ballerini’s are the ones that make me keep listening to Country music.

Give it a try!

Catchy of the Month

Why • Sabrina Carpenter 🌸

Lyrically and rhythmically catchy and flawless.


Since it’s day of release I’ve been listening to it daily. And do I get tired of it? NO.

I’m really looking forward to a new Sabrina Carpenter album full of this vibe.

Please, take just a few minutes to listen to this work of art.

Collab of the Month

You da Baddest • Future (feat. Nicki Minaj) 💍

I can’t describe how this song controls my whole body. I just can’t tell you how this song owns my muscles.

Also, Nicki improves anything. So I couldn’t hate this song if I wanted to. I’m completely obsessed.

77IoS-Album of the Month

Dua Lipa • Dua Lipa 💋

This album should receive the ‘Debut Album of the Year’ award. I’m obsessed with this masterpiece. Dua’s voice is simply incredible and powerful.

One of the things I enjoy the most about this album, besides songs such as ‘Hotter Than Hell,’ ‘Blow Your Mind,’ ‘New Rules,’ ‘Last Dance,’ and many others, is that each song has its own video (Or at least I think they all have music videos. Tell me if I’m wrong.)

Have you heard any of the songs I mentioned?

77IoS-Fav of the Month

Fetish • Selena Gomez (feat. Gucci Mane) 🍑

I am so ready for this new —visual— era!!

Like ‘Bad Liar,’ ‘Fetish’ is a song with a powerful meaning behind. Everybody is able to give a different interpretation of both songs, but we can’t deny that she’s communicating an important message. Which one? It’s up to you.

While you enjoy ‘Fetish,’ I’ll be waiting for Selena’s new album title and release date.

77IoS-Fav-Videos of the Month

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I hope that you liked my picks. These are a few of the songs released in July.

Until the next month! 🤘🏼👦🏻


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