#77IoS Hot Tracks, October ’17

Hello, Inchers! 🖐🏼

These are 77IoS Hot Tracks for October 2017.

Hot Tracks

Miss Me More • Kelsea Ballerini 🌸

Kelsea knows how to blend the essence of Country music with Pop sound.

This song might be my favorite Unapologetically song so far. And I think the reason why I’m so into it is because we must love others, but in order to do so we must love ourselves first.

Bedroom Floor • Liam Payne 🛏

Lyrically, this song is way much better and complex than Strip That Down.

He’s taking the right path. I would like to see how he develops himself in a debut album.

Let’s see what the wind blows!

Home (From the Motion Picture “Ferdinand”) • Nick Jonas 🐮

As I told you in last 77IoS Hot Tracks, I’m very into this new Nick Jonas.

Do you like his new sound?

Anywhere • Rita Ora 🌎

Rita, FINALLY a good song!

How Long • Charlie Puth 🎩

Literally, this song is perfect in so many ways. The cool thing about How Long and his previous single, Attention, is that he’s introducing a grown up version oh himself.

I’m anxious to listen to his upcoming album in January 2018.

Te Fuiste • Dj CDC & KOSH (feat. Ozin) 🎆

They’ve totally killed it. I’m obsessed with the rhythm of this song.

(And I feel that you need to know that Dj CDC is a very good friend of mine. Also, he was born in 1999. So, he’s doing it quite awesome in the Venezuelan music industry).

Hollow • DNCE (feat. SEKAI NO OWARI) 🦆

It’s really catchy and the rhythm made me recall the songs I used to listen when I was a kid. It was certainly nice to have that flashback.


Albums of the Month

Flicker • Niall Horan 👱🏻

Flicker is perfect for those days when you just want to relax and appreciate your surroundings.

It’s a really well-written album with an excellent sound.

I never imagine saying this but, great debut album, Niall!

Top 3: Since We’re Alone, On The Loose, and The Tide (Also, Slow Hands).

Waves • Rachel Platten 🌊

This album is possibly one of my 2017 favorites.

If you listen to the whole album, you might feel you’re underwater. Like, you’ve jumped into the ocean and listened to it underwater, and once you come to the surface the album ends (At least that’s what I felt).

I have no comments but to encourage you to listen to this wonderful and outstanding album.

Top 3: Perfect For You, Whole Heart, Broken Glass (Also, Keep Up, Shivers, Labels, Loveback, Loose Ends, and the rest of the album).

Catchy of the Month

Riding Shotgun • Kygo (feat. Bonnie McKee) 🚗

This song made my month. I consider this as one of Kygo’s best songs ever released. The mix between his vision and work, blended with Bonnie’s voice is simply amazing.

P.S.: She’s the singer of American Girl (a really catchy song).

Collab of the Month

Wolves • Selena Gomez x Marshmello 🐺

I have no words to describe how much I like this song.

Since the first time I listened to it the rhythm took control of my entire body.

I don’t know about you, but the sound is very innovative to me.

Selena’s upcoming album will be on fire!

77IoS-Fav of the Month

Gorgeous • Taylor Swift 🎀

For some reason, in the very beginning, I was expecting more power in this tune.

However, I realized after the third or fourth time I listened to it that, despite reputation seems to be THE metamorphosis for Taylor, deep in herself, she still being the same girl we all know.

The thing is that she’s portraying a fictional character and letting everyone know she isn’t what you think she is, and that you can create your own perspective of herself and dump the one that the media has created for you.

I can’t wait for November 10th. Are you ready for it?

77IoS-Video of the Month

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I hope that you liked my picks. These are a few of the songs released in October.

Until the next month! 🤘🏼👦🏻


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