#77IoS Hot Tracks, September ’17

Hello, Inchers! 🖐🏼

Since this month was full of new sounds and album releases, I’ll change a bit things up here.

Wait, what?

Don’t worry. You won’t be confused about a thing.

These are 77IoS Hot Tracks for September 2017.

Hot Tracks

High School • Kelsea Ballerini 🌸

Despite -here- in Central and South America we don’t do proms like in North America, this song will make you feel like you’re in one (Even though if you’re in pajamas, haha).

I think that we should make this song the ‘Slow Dancing’ hymn.

I won’t get tired of saying that she’s doing A GREAT job in the -Country- music industry.

Teacher • PRETTYMUCH ✏️

These guys are channeling a modern version of N*SYNC and the Backstreet Boys.

Their first single, Would You Mind, was a great one. But this new song proves they’re working hard to become ‘America’s new favorite boy band’.


Too Much To Ask • Niall Horan 👱🏻

I must confess that Niall and Louis were my least favorite from One Direction. Thereby, I can’t say that I’m excited about his debut album, but I may give him a chance to prove me wrong.

Neither This Town nor Too Much To Ask has moved my feelings.

What do you think?

Take Back Home Girl • Chris Lane (feat. Tori Kelly) 🏡

This is such a beautiful collab. The rhythm will stick to your bones and the lyrics will make you sing along.

I have nothing more to say about it but encourage you to listen to this great song.

Beautiful Trauma • P!nk 💆🏼

If you want to know how is going to sound P!nk’s new album, this song will do the job for you!

Dusk Till Dawn • ZAYN (feat. Sia) 🌄

A very powerful and catchy duet.

EP’s of the Month

Inside A Dream • Echosmith 🎆

Since the very beginning, I loved Echosmith. It was kind of love at first sight.

This EP has made me realize that I still love them and need their music on a daily basis. Also, I kind of levitate while listening to it for the first time.

They’ve totally killed it.

Top 3: Future Me, 18, and Get Into My Car.

Stargazing • Kygo 🌌

Listen to this EP with headphones on, lay down, and close your eyes and bedroom door. I bet that you’ll feel like traveling through the outer space.

Top 3: It Ain’t Me, First Time, and Stargazing.

Wave One • Cody Simpson 🌊

I think that Cody has finally found his place in the music industry.

This EP will make you want to surf and spend the weekend at the beach (At least I felt that when I listened to its first track).

Top 3: Waiting For The Tide, Sun Go Down, and Tell Me Why.


Albums of the Month

Tell Me You Love Me • Demi Lovato 🗯

I thought that I would never -ever- say this: Awesome job, Demi!

As you may -or not- know, I’m not into her as a person. However, when I was 12 or 13 I remember that I loved her music (Back then she was more a Pop/Rock girl). Since then, I’ve always enjoyed listening to it.

Although Sorry Not Sorry wasn’t quite the comeback I was expecting from her, and Let Me Love You wasn’t bad but didn’t make things better either, the sound of this album was completely unexpected for me.

Thereby, I have to recognize that it was a wonderful surprise to listen to the whole album and enjoy it like I did with her first three albums.

How about you?

Top 3: Daddy Issues, Hitchhiker, and Concentrate (Also, Ready For Ya, Sexy Dirty Love, Cry Baby, and Only Forever).

Younger Now • Miley Cyrus 🦄

You’ll agree with me -after listening to a few songs of Younger Now– that we NEVER expected this sound from Miley.

But don’t get me wrong. What I’m trying to say is that if someone told me 8 years ago that she was going to release an album with these chilled out vibes I wouldn’t believe it.

I can’t say that I entirely love the album, but it’s way better than her previous one, Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz.

Top 3: Malibu, Bad Mood, and Thinkin.

Catchy of the Month

Find You • Nick Jonas 📍

I’ve always enjoyed the Jonas Brothers, especially Joe’s voice. However, when Nick started singing as a solo artist he got my attention.

However, when Nick started singing as a solo artist he got my attention.

I don’t know about you, but I like his new sound way too much than the one in his self-titled album Nick Jonas, which I found very bop and mainstream.

I guess that the wait is going to be worth the while for his new album.

Collab of the Month

Let Me Go • Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso (feat. Florida Georgia Line & watt) 🏃🏻

Hailee’s voice is one of my all-time favorites.

Since Love Myself, I’ve been waiting for her debut album. Also, I re-stated with Starving that I needed that album. But I believe that’s too much to ask… *Laughs ironically to avoid crying*.

In the meantime, enjoy her voice and potential in this new collab.

77IoS-Fav of the Month

…Ready For It? • Taylor Swift 💥

When I first listen to this song I thought immediately of Taylor mixing Bad Blood‘s strength with Wildest Dreams “sparks fly” feeling. Do you feel what I’m saying?

It has all the power but, simultaneously, the subtility of the world. Moreover, I consider that, as the first song in the tracklist for her sixth studio album, captures perfectly its essence.

Although many people began to say that Taylor has changed a lot since 1989, due to this new sound/vibe/whatever-you-want-to-call-it that she’s into, she’s just doing what she has always done: entertain, and being an entertainer.

I’m more than looking forward to November 10th. But…, are you ready for it?

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I hope that you liked my picks. These are a few of the songs released in September.

Until the next month! 🤘🏼👦🏻


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