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Candy Cane Christmas

Merry Christmas, Inchers! 🎄

I wish you a safe day, filled with lots of joy and presents. 🎁

Oh, and a Very Fashionable Holidays!

Today, I’m here to bring you some peace of mind about that specific topic…

For this Christmas, I wanted to leave behind the suit and tie ritual:

  • Taking long baths while listening to music, using my exclusive colognes —which I only use when I wear a suit— and staring at my wardrobe to choose the shirt, tie, and shoes!

To be honest with you, I like to dress up in suit and tie.

But sometimes I just want to dress really nice, without going through all that.

You know what I mean?

*Your comment below*

So, my outfit for this Christmas was inspired by that premise.

Also, I wanted to channel a human Candy Cane.

Here’s the result!

MyOUTFIT — Old Navy white and red stripes t-shirt + Black and red Aeropostale flannel + White not so ripped American Eagle Outfitters pants + Maroon Reebok kicks + Forever 21 rings.

MyADVICE — You don’t need to specifically wear a suit and tie on Christmas day unless you have an elegant dinner. 👔

You can still have the spotlight at the dinner/party/reunion by dressing with cool tops and bottoms.

Create a visual harmony within the whole outfit. You can see that I repeated red and white —both Christmas colors,— just like a Candy Cane. 🧣

Photos — Sophie, my beautiful 9-year-old cousin.

:) — If you have any doubts about what to wear during the Holidays, don’t hesitate on leaving your comment below! ⭐️


Whether you liked it or not, I know you want to tell me!