Katy Perry’s New Song: Tropical or Political?

Katy Perry is back with a very catchy beat, turning the atmosphere into a beach party, leaving behind Rise’ inspirational lyrics.

Chained To The Rhythm has a tropical vibe on the background mixed with a blended sound from the 80s and 90s.

To summarize, I consider that the word “chained” in the title of the song may refer to the latest election results in the United States or the status of our world… I believe that is related to the U.S.


When I listen Katy repeating “We’re all chained to the rhythm, to the rhythm,” I think on the following: all the Americans are under the same roof, walking on the same ground, living the decisions they made as a country.

This means that every citizen of the U.S. is being affected by the same problems.

– What problem?

Ask Katy… Moreover, did you notice that the Hamster’s TV it’s always displaying the same hamster running on its wheel?

– Is it on purpose?

I don’t think so.

TV is the ideal tool to alienate minds. By repeating the same message/content you can get audience’s disagreement or acceptance. That’s what the video is reflecting with the hamster on the wheel.

Also, “It goes on and on and on,” indicates that it’s a cycle, without a proper end. However, Katy points out that people should wake up, get out of that bubble that avoids the reality.

Chained To The Rhythm is a friendly comeback. Your body will start to feel the rhythm of it, and you will notice it.

Chained To The Rhythm’s Artwork

According to Billboard, CTTR is the lead single from her fourth studio album, and Sia collaborated with the writing process of this record.

ICYMI — Katy will perform at the 59th annual Grammy Awards. Until now, there’s no information about the song(s) she’ll perform. Maybe she sings CTTR. Who knows!

P.S.: For those who know my music taste, I don’t hate Katy Perry, despite her feud with Taylor Swift, which is my idol. I do like her music, but I don’t like her personality. She’s plastic like a doll.


Whether you liked it or not, I know you want to tell me!