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Merry Christmas ’16!

Inchers of Style,

I’m really thankful for your support since July 2016. The happiness I feel for having a blog, and a wonderful community full of beautiful Inchers of Style like you have me speechless. I wish that you can get only the best from this Christmas.

#MyOUTFIT — I’m wearing a blue jean and a black t-shirt from Hollister, my AirMax 90 from Nike (That were cut from the photo), and one of my Christmas gifts: a green bomber jacket from Zara.

P.S.: I talked about my gifts on Winter Days 2.0. You can see the other one in that post. 🎁✨

If you don’t know what to wear this season, don’t forget to read my two posts Winter Days and Winter Days 2.0. You will find several ideas for winter outfits (Maybe you can get inspo.)

I made this design to cheer up my logo. This is such a beautiful holiday that brings so much joy to the world. Also, I thought about you. ❄️☃️

@zvonilogos • zvonilogos@gmail.com

If you’re interested in graphic design, follow my account @zvonilogos. It’s a personal project of mine. I love graphic design. In fact, I think I never told you this before, but my dream is to be the Editor-in-chief of my own magazine.

Photo — Aili Mendoza & Andrea Vargas.

:) — I hope that you enjoy my design and winter fashion posts as much as I did, I really loved them. Moreover, I wish that you spend a very special time with your family & friends. 🎄🎅🏼

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Zvonimir Tolj Egui 👦🏻


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