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OOTW: My First Photo Shoot Anniversary

Inchers! ❤️

I hope that you’re doing great.

Spring is around the corner. If you’re a 4-seasons Incher of Style you should be happy. The cold will be gone for a while. Also, I’m preparing a post for Spring. Stay tuned! ☀️

Today, one year ago, I shared my very first photo shoot with the world.

Before I talk to you about outfits, fashion, and stuff, I decided to talk about the photo shoot that changed my life completely because the story behind it may be more common than we think.

It means so much to me because it was the time I decided that I was not afraid of a camera and that I was in love of what the lens captured.

When I was younger, I didn’t like how I looked in the pictures. Despite I wasn’t comfortable with myself, I knew that I had to change my own conception.

How I achieved that? I just went through a process of knowing and embracing myself, what I wanted, and being secure of my appearance.

You may hear a million times that what you need is the decision. Yes, that’s all you need, but from yourself, not from somebody else.

It’s great to have kind people surrounding you that wishes just the best for you. However, they’re not going to walk your path. They have their own path to walk.

What I’m trying to say is that you’re going to have support, but when the final test arrives you’re by yourself.

For example, your mom and dad may help you to study the night before the exam, but they’ll not be by your side writing down the answers. It’s your job to answer, to get an A.

It’s your duty to embrace yourself. No one is going to do that for you, and I say this because that’s life, not just my personal experience.


Now, let’s talk about #77IoS and fashion!

#MyOUTFIT — I chose these outfit’s because they all have the color palette of 77IoS: burgundy, white, gray and black.


a. I’m wearing an American Eagle Outfitters red and black squares flannel above an Old Navy white t-shirt, and black AEO jeans, with my black Vans.

b. Gray Hanes t-shirt and dark blue AEO ripped jeans, with my Adidas Superstars.

c. White Jockey t-shirt and khaki AEO jeans, with my Superstars.

At the moment of that photo shoots, 77IoS wasn’t properly born yet. However, I knew what I wanted to achieve, beginning with the appearance of my blog (Especially the colors.) From that starting point, I could materialize the rest: my logo, and my blog.

#MyADVICE — Find colors that you love. This will help a lot to feel comfortable with the clothes that you have on.

Also, don’t let your mind consume you. You’re the owner of your thoughts.

Smile! 📸

Photos — I’m more than grateful to my girlfriends Maleny López and Ivana Bevilacqua for making this possible. I love you both so much! 💖

:) — I wish that you find my story helpful. Maybe not for you right now, but for someone else you know that needs a little push.

Absorb the fear that you feel in your life.

Love yourself and everything is going to be alright!


Whether you liked it or not, I know you want to tell me!