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Spring for Men & Women

Hi, Inchers! 🌻

The most blooming season arrived already in 4-season places, but for me and my two seasoned Inchers of Style is kind of the «beginning phase» of Summer.

I may not live the full Spring experience, but some trees and flowers bloom during these months, and I love to get lost in their colors. Take a look! 🍃🌷🐝

The other day I was thinking about fashion during Spring…

First, I realized that this season main role is taken by mother nature and its variety of colors (We can’t deny that.) And second, that it’s the best season to deliver contrast through our outfits.

— Hold on… Contrast? What do you mean?

The majority of the colors during Spring tend to be light-toned, such as lilac, mint, baby blue, and bright yellow. Also, the green of the grass is more intense than ever. 🐣🌾

So, if you really want to stand out from nature, dark-colored clothes will be cool for you (Although there’s nothing wrong if you want to wear light-colored ones.)

#MyOUTFIT — I’m wearing a gray Old Navy graphic t-shirt, with navy jeans from American Eagle Outfitters, and my Adidas Superstar.

I spent that day with four friends of mine. Meet them, and their Spring outfits:

  • Aili’s Outfit — She’s wearing a gray patterned t-shirt from BECO, with Levi’s blue jeans, and Adidas Superstar. ❤️

  • Hovannes’ Outfit — He’s wearing a burgundy t-shirt, with blue jeans from Pull & Bear, and black Adidas NEO kicks. 🖤

  • Andrea’s Outfit — She’s wearing a black t-shirt from Atmosphere, with khaki shorts and sandals from Passion Francais, and Aishop, respectively. 💚

  • Daniela’s Outfit — She’s wearing a black with pink roses pattern sweater from Forever 21, with Levi’s blue jeans, and soft pink shoes from Aldo. 💛

As you can see, some of my friends are wearing light-colored clothes and, like I said before, there’s nothing wrong with them. However, the dark ones are leading our outfits.

#MyADVICE — Choose which zone of your outfit is going to star: top, bottom, or the whole outfit.

I decided to create a visual balance from head to toe for this look. So I need nothing else on, and the whole outfit makes me stand out from nature.

Aili and Hovannes did the same balance thing I did with their outfits. She has a cool pattern t-shirt that goes along with the jean and Superstars, while he matched a burgundy t-shirt with blue jeans and black kicks perfectly.

Girl Squad

Otherwise, Andrea and Daniela decided that their tops will be leading their looks. While Andrea has a black unicolor t-shirt that makes her stand out, Daniela has a black patterned with pink roses sweater that does the same task.

P.S.: These pictures were taken barely a year ago. We’ve changed considerably our baby faces since then. 😜

:) — Surround yourself with good people that make you smile like I do with them. 💖🤘🏼👦🏻


Whether you liked it or not, I know you want to tell me!