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Summer Days ’17

Inchers! 🌞🍍

I wish you’re doing amazing.

Before I start with this post, I wanted to thank you again for your support and affection.

You have no idea of how happy makes me see the new face of 77IoS, and know that you’ve loved it. 🖤

I feel like Taylor Swift’s ‘Welcome To New York’:

It’s a new soundtrack, I could dance to this beat forever more!

In the previous Summer Days, I talked to you about Bandanas as the ideal season accessory, plus wearing light colored clothes due to the heat. Until the day, I still consider Bandanas are the best accessory to any Summer outfit. They’re extraordinary!

Now, for one second, let’s imagine that Bandanas doesn’t exist and we have to look for something else to wear this Summer.

What do you have on mind?

Let’s think about a versatile top. Have you ever wondered about a top that it’s right to wear at the beach, at the pool or just to hang out at the mall or someone’s house during Summer?

Today, I want to introduce you my Summer ’17 BFF: the Baseball Tee. ⚾️

It has the capability to give you a casual and chilled out look. You’ll have everybody’s eyes on you.

The best part is that you won’t feel the Summer heat due to their thickness, AND BOTH MEN AND WOMEN CAN WEAR THEM!!!

Video — Summer2f

Isn’t that amazing? They’re perfect for this season! 🌊

#MyOUTFIT — Navy Baseball Tee from Old Navy + H&M Ripped Jeans + Maroon Reebok Classics + Black G-Shock.

#MyADVICE — You can either pull off an edgier look, like mine, by using a ripped jean or a casual one, with a khaki pant. If you want a chilled out look, shorts will do the work for you. Don’t forget to choose a really cool pair of shoes to give the final touch to you Summer outfit.

Via Polyvore

Photos — Sofía, my cousin. ❣️

The day that Sofía took those pictures I was joined by Tacho, her dog (Which I consider my dog too, and an Angel on Earth).

:) — What are your thoughts on this Summer must-have? Leave your comment below.

Enjoy the rest of Summer ’17, Incher! 🌴🍉


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