Summer Heat

Inchers! πŸ–€

I’m 100% sure that the main reason I love Summer is because university is gone for a while. But do you?

I now you do. 😎

Also, we both like this season because is the right time of the year to let our skin breathe and get a tan under the Summer heat. 

And… What a better way to resist the heat by using shorts?

I know right!! πŸ’πŸŒ΅

MyOUTFIT β€” White and red stripes Old Navy t-shirt + Navy Hollister Preppy Shorts + Adidas Superstars + G-Shock (A) // Gray AEO Active Flex t-shirt + Ripped Active Flex AEO Short + Adidas Superstars + G-Shock (B) // Maroon Active Flex AEO t-shirt + Ripped Active Flex AEO Short + Adidas Superstars + G-Shock (C).

MyADVICE β€” I think that you need to focus on creating a balance between your bottom and your top. 

You can leave the main role to your bottom (Outfit A) or mix it with a soft-colored top (Outfit B), even with an intense-colored one (Outfit C), which I consider is the best choice.

As you can see, both are good options. It’s up to what you want to show off. 🌊

Plus β€” I’m not sure if you notice, but the ripped short is repeated on Outfit B and C. That’s why these pictures are from a holiday to Aruba that I made exactly the last year (A trip I cannot forget until today). 

I chose two shorts, and with both I created different looks. If you organize that before the trip the only thing that you’re going to worry about is to enjoy the rest of it. Do you know what I mean?

:) β€” Just a little and beautiful reminder that school/college/university is around the corner for some countries, like mine, because some Inchers had already started. 

So, enjoy a swim at the beach, chill at the pool or watch Netflix. Just remain happy! 🌞


Whether you liked it or not, I know you want to tell me!