Why is Taylor Swift’s Sexual Assault Case Important?

Yes, she was sexually assaulted. But, what happened before, during and after the trial?


Tay was headlining her Red Tour at the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO., on June 2, 2013. During a Meet & Greet, ex-radio DJ David Mueller “grabbed (her) bare ass.”

He told the media that Swift’s security verbally abused him, and thrown out from the venue the night that all happened—which was the most reasonable thing to do—.

Two days after sexual assault allegations surfaced across the world he was fired from 98.5KYGO.

From left to right: David Mueller’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift, and David Mueller. PHOTO: TMZ.
In 2015, Mueller claimed that Swift’s false accusation made him lose his $150,000 per year job. So, he filed a lawsuit for $3 million to compensate his lost earnings.

Tay countersued him for $1—yes, just one symbolic dollar—for sexual assault, which proves that she’d never wanted to bankrupt him.


The trial started on August 7th and concluded on the 15th, at the US District Court Clerk in Denver, CO.

Taylor Swift, her lawyer, and ex-radio DJ David Mueller.

Throughout the trial, Taylor received a huge support from fans and people all over the world, including her nearest friends, such as Kesha, Lena Dunham, Mariska Hargitay, Ellen Degeneres, Jaime King, and enterprises such as Cratfsy—an online platform that delivers craft education—.

Craftsy Office window. Photos by RJ Sangosti.

But most importantly, she had the love and support from a special friend of mine, Arturo Chacón, who was able to assist every day to the courthouse as an observer. Arturo called me every night to tell me everything about the trial and things that happened inside and outside the court. Also, he had the opportunity to talk to her and her relatives for a few minutes during the breaks, and get Taylor’s affection not just once, but thrice.


Yesterday, the jury pronounced in favor for Swift’s countersuit. Nevertheless, Mueller insisted to ABC’s Good Morning America that he “didn’t do what they say I did.”

“I didn’t do it. I never grabbed her. I never had my hand under her skirt. And I can pass a polygraph.”

It’s kind of ironic that he continues to establish that conclusion over and over again when you have Taylor’s face as pure evidence. Don’t you see how awkward and odd is her body language and facial expression? Look at the picture again!

From left to right: David Mueller’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift, and David Mueller. PHOTO: TMZ.

Why is it important?

We must raise our voices when we agree or disagree, approve or disapprove, applaud or criticize someone or something. We cannot keep silent when someone or something violates or disrespects our dignity, body, mind or soul.

Taylor never called the police when Mueller groped her. And that was caused by the fear of getting into trouble. But, why she’d feared about something she wasn’t guilty of?

Taylor Swift. Sketch by JEFF KANDYBA.

I understand the fact that she wanted to keep all that in the background. However, the only way to live in a better world is to stand for what is right and point what is certainly wrong.

To went on trial and fight for herself was a truly brave and courageous action.

Neither women nor men should be scared of telling the truth. Every day, boys and girls, and men and women of all ages are sexually assaulted. It’s a mental disease we must eradicate. And the first way to do that is by making those horrible but real experiences public. 

We must stop the fear. We can’t tolerate things like this.

Let’s make Taylor’s trial an example for all women, and men, around the world.

Taylor Swift, her mother Andrea and attorney Jesse Schaudies. Sketch by JEFF KANDYBA.

When you’re not guilty of something you’re accused of, there’s nothing to be afraid of. And if you’re a witness, encourage that person to raise his/her voice. You’re as important as the one that lived the assault.

Tay will make several donations to different charities “dedicated to protecting women from similar acts of sexual assault and personal disregard” from the money earned from the lawsuit and money of her own.

If you’re interested in another summary of the whole trial, I invite you to watch David Mueller’s interview on Good Morning America, plus their news coverage, on the video below.

What are your thoughts on Mueller Vs. Swift trial?

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