Walls, Walls, & More Walls

Black or White?

Hello, Inchers of Style!

Hot or cold, high or low, apple or pear (hahaha)… black or white. Putting aside the fact that when we were little people used to say that they were opposites, black and white complement each other more than you think.

Did you say that they don’t need each other to success? Yes, you’re right. They communicate different things separately. However, if you mix them the result is shocking.

When I was in Miami last year, after Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour, I told my Dad that I wanted to go to Wynwood Walls to know the Art District of the city and, of course, take pictures. I didn’t know the place yet and I wanted to do something different in the Sunshine State.

So, on October 30, 2015, I went to Wynwood

[Fun fact: I feel like it’s been 4 years since that day, and it’s only 1.]

But, before all this happened I asked myself: Which clothes should I wear? I wanted to use something that contrasts with the walls because they’re extremely authentic and appealing. I needed to differentiate from them, not to blend in.

I knew that I would stand out with the khaki jeans I bought in American Eagle Outfitters (AEO), but I wasn’t sure about the color of my top: white, navy, gray or black.

Nevertheless, in the AEO at Aventura Mall, I realized that I had to wear a white t-shirt because my eyes saw a black vest, that I obviously bought. With the t-shirt and the vest, I would have the ideal outfit.

#MyOUTFIT — I’m wearing a black vest and a khaki jean from AEO, a white Jockey t-shirt, my black Vans and a G-Shock.

As you can see, in every picture I stand out due to #MyOUTFIT. The walls and I star in every picture, and just because I mixed black with white.

#MyADVICE — Make your own rules. Forget about what society has already established. Break the mold.

Also, let yourself go with the flow, let your senses guide you. I was never into vests, but when my eyes see something and they like it instantly, it’s for me then. I’m pretty sure that you have felt the same way I do.😉

#PLUS — Don’t miss the opportunity to eat at Wynwood. The restaurant’s menus are absurdly delicious. With my eyes closed, I recommend you my favorite: Salumeria 104.

:) — I took advantage of this post to show you that details make the big bigger. Hope you like it!



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