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Winter Days


Inchers of Style! 🤗

The second most beautiful season of the year has arrived! 🎁🎄🎅🏼

P.D.: Fall is in the first place, of course. 🍂🍁🌾

Finally, the temperature is getting colder… and because of that, I love to cover up with all kinds of sweaters, jackets, and long sleeve shirts.

My community, Fashion Bloggers Venezuela (@fashionbloggersvzla), announced a few days ago this month challenge: #RetoHolidayLook (Holiday Look Challenge).

The goal was to build a special outfit for the Holidays: ‘Elegant & Sparkling’.

Although I love glitter and shiny things with all my heart, for this outfit I decided not to use any kind of sparkling object.

I know that I shine by myself. I need nothing else to shine more. And so do you. (DON’T FORGET THAT.) 

“If you feel that you’re the spark then come out of the dark.” — Selena Gomez’s, Me & The Rhythm.

So, when I thought about creating an outfit for Christmas dinners, I imagined a long sleeve shirt, under a cotton sweater, with dark jeans and velvet shoes (brown ones never go wrong).

I wasn’t pretty sure about the colors of both, shirt and sweater. However, I did know what I wanted. So, I can say it wasn’t difficult from that point.

#MyOUTFIT — I’m wearing a turquoise long sleeve sweater from Forever 21 Men, a blue and white long sleeve shirt from Old Navy, brown shoes from Timberland and my G-Shock.

#MyADVICE — If you don’t have any kind of sparkling clothing don’t worry. You shine enough by yourself. Choose carefully the colors of your tops. Pick your long sleeve shirt, a jacket or a sweater like mine and you’re ready to go!

Visit my Polyvore profile for more #77IoS outfits!

Don’t waste time standing in front of the closet, because your guests are about to knock!

Photos — Claudia Tesi ❤️

:) — Be grateful for the people and things that surround you. Eat, and sleep a lot. Repeat.

Happy Holidays! ❄️🕯🌲



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