Zvonimir — #WhoAmI Challenge

Inchersss! 🖤

I hope that you’re doing cool, and if school/college/university is over, enjoy Summer Days.☀️🌴

For me, classes aren’t over yet and, since I work, Summer is not the same for me.🤓

I’m coming back to #77IoS after a month «break» (I haven’t posted any fashion posts, but #77IoS Hot Tracks, April ’17 and May ’17because I committed to you and myself to do that monthly.)

P.S.: However, I must clarify that my absence wasn’t because I wanted to, but for what my country, Venezuela, is dealing with. If you aren’t aware, you should head to Twitter and search for Venezuela. I bet that you’ll be speechless. You can help us by sharing the videos, photos, and texts related to violation of Human Rights, hunger, deaths, and more. 🇻🇪

Today I want to share with you the #RetoWhoAmI, WhoAmI Challenge, proposed by my beloved community, Fashion Bloggers Venezuela. The title speaks for itself: you have to present yourself, in a very summarized way, with the community. Things such as favorite food, hobbies, and many others are considered in the challenge.

As I said, this is just a short description, a summary of who I am.

I hope you like it! 🖐🏼

#WhoIAm — Zvonimir Tolj Egui • Zvonimir • Zvoni • Voni • Zvonimirte • 77IoS • Zvonilogos • 💤.


Photos — Carina Candela.💞

#RetoWhoAmI 👦🏻  I live to wake up every day and appreciate my surroundings: God, life, my family, pets, friends, and nature. To be happy and successful are two of my main goals. To wake up, and do what I like to do are gifts that not everybody has the opportunity to experience.✨

Editorial Design (And Graphic Design too,) photography, food, trips, Pop music, communication and fashion boost my life.

#Music 🎧  Mainly, Pop. I have a trinity: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Carly Rae Jepsen. I also madly love Ellie Goulding. My favorite albums are 1989, Revival, Kiss and Delirium 💽.

#FashionBlogger 👨🏻‍💻  What I like the most about being a Fashion Blogger is the reciprocity that I have with my Inchers and the one that they have with me. Also, the reach in both ways. The possibility to write what I feel, and think in #77IoS and the fact that they, or any other person that reads me, can relate to the way I see the world is the best gift ever. I love #77IoS, my Inchers and to interact with them 🖤. Honestly, to be a Fashion Blogger makes me really really happy.

#Colors 🎨: Navy, gray, B&W, maroon, and burgundy.

#Food 🍽  🍣, Macaroons 🍡, 🍔 (all of them, but Five Guys’ 💯,) I LOVE CEREAL (I could have it for breakfast every day,) 🍟 (McDonald’s), 🍫 (Savoy,) 🍩 (Dunkin Donuts,’) 🥞🥓🍳 (iHOP’s,) 🍝, 🌭 (the ones that you eat at the piñatas,) 🍕, 🌮 (Pappasito’s,) 🥐, 🍓, 🥗, 🍮, 🍷 (Moscato & Sangría,) 🐛 (LOL, don’t freak out. I’m talking about Trolli’s sour worms,) and 🐟 (Seafood).

#iHate  Insects, but 🐝.

#Venezuela 🇻🇪  El Ávila, our mountains, beaches, corners, animals, and plants.

#🗯  “Height or Weight Doesn’t Matter When It Comes to Style.”



Whether you liked it or not, I know you want to tell me!