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9 Fashion Investments Every WOMAN Should Own

As a Fashion Blogger, I consider there are several pieces you must have in your closet.

For starters, regarding this topic doesn’t matter the brand of the clothes and how expensive they can or can’t be.

The premise of this post is to make you save money throughout the years and, overall, look good.

Likewise, while you walk on the streets your clothing will do the talking without talking properly. The way you’re dressed is the first impression of yourself before you even open your mouth to speak.

Therefore, I want to share with you these 9 fashion investments you should own:

Little Black Dress

Weddings, office, parties, dinners and more!

A little black dress will avoid you going back to your place to get changed.

Color — Black. There’s no plan B here.

Trench Coat

This top should make your life easier in so many ways, especially when it comes to Spring and Autumn.

Color — Khaki or black.

Leather Bag/Wallet

Perhaps can be expensive at first, but it’ll worth every penny throughout the years.

White Clean Sneakers

Do you want to walk with no limits? Do you want to look good in an effortless way?

Well, a pair of white clean sneakers will solve your daily morning dilemma.

Color — It’s pretty obvious, isn’t?

Black Blazer

Speaking of looking sharp but effortless, you must have a black blazer.

Ideal to go to work at the office and head to the bar after hours.

Color — Preferably black. Though navy or white will work as well.

Stripes Shirt

An easy-to-go top option. This one is basic. I don’t need to give further explanation.

Color — Blue/Pink and white stripes.

Black Patent Heels

Patent heels will never go out of style.

They’re pretty functional and easy to combine with.

Color — Black mainly.

Coulette Pants

Wide-Leg Trousers are so in vogue. I mean, they can be elegant but casual at the same time depending on the location/celebration.

Also, they have pockets!!

Color — Pastel Colors such as baby blue, light pink, gray and white.

Gold/Silver Accessories

A delicate touch to every single outfit.

Color — Gold, silver, and rose gold.

If you have any of these pieces, then you’re a total Incher of Style.

Fashion can be your best friend. You just need to make things practical.

It’s not necessarily about the brand, but to look edgy, clean, sharp and flashy.

Whether you liked it or not, I know you want to tell me!