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Late Fall Trends

Inchers! 🖤

Is it just me, or November went through faster than October?

I can’t believe Winter is going to begin in the upcoming weeks, along with my second favorite season of the year. ✨

Anyhow, I’m here today to talk to you about a trend I love and think it’s ideal for these Late Fall Days… Camo.

Why Camo?

The answer is simple: You can stand out from any fallyish -leafy, orangish,- background. No matter if it’s green, black, blue or red Camo, you’re going to stand out. 🍁

You’re not in front of a fallyish background though…

Haha, I’m aware. But for me to take pictures in front of a concrete wall gives me Fall vibes. 🍂

MyOUTFIT — Blue camo Vestimenta bomber sweater + Jockey white t-shirt + Hollister blue jeans + Navy Vans + Bright yellow RS21 socks + G-Shock.

MyADVICE — The best thing to do when using a camo top or bottom is to create visual harmony between all the pieces of your look.

As you could see, I decided to wear a lot of navy blue from head to toe. 🌊

However, I thought on adding more color to give a cool detail to my outfit. I’m not talking about the white shirt, because it’s a part of the visual harmony, but about the bright yellow socks.

Two words (Well, actually three): ALWAYS stand out! 🤘🏼

Photos — By my friend, Giselle López.

:) — I can almost listen to the Christmas songs in my head, hohoho 🎄


Whether you liked it or not, I know you want to tell me!