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Winter Days 2.0


Inchers of Style!

There’s just one week left for Christmas! Are you excited? 🌲

VIDEO!! Winter2g

Before you read Winter Days 2.0, I want to tell you a short story. This year, I decided to give myself early Christmas gifts, because Santa is so overrated… Ho Ho Ho. ❄️🎅🏼☃️

I went to Pull & BearSpringfield, and Bershka… I found nothing cool and valuable for me. But before leaving the mall, I went to Zara, and two bomber jackets whispered my name: Voni… Take me with you!

Of course, I took both of them with me, hahaha. Merry Christmas to me! 😊⭐️🎁

Meet my two new babies: 🌿💿

End of the story.

Ok, back to work. 🤓

In Winter Days, I told you that for me this season was about wearing elegant clothes. However, while I was writing the post, I realized that I also enjoy hitting the road with comfy clothes.

During Christmas, you have the right to stay warm and comfortable at the same time (Especially if you live in a place that snows.) You’re not going to dress elegant every single day because it might get boring. At least I wouldn’t…

Do you remember these two outfits?

To build a comfy outfit, I decided to mix both tops: the vest from Walls, Walls & More Walls, and the long sleeve sweater from Fall Issue 2.0. I got the best of both worlds with that combination.

[Fun Fact: Trying to stay comfy, I ended up looking elegant too. I must admit that I wasn’t expecting that, but I loved it.]

#MyOUTFIT — I’m wearing a light gray long-sleeve sweater from Old Navy, under an American Eagle Outfitters black vest, with a light blue Hollister, my pair of AirMax 90 from Nike, and my blue Ray-Ban’s.

If you want to create a comfy outfit you have to think in sweaters, vests, and jackets. They’re the only way to get “the comfy look.” You can mix sweaters with vests, like I did, or shirts with jackets. The warmer you get, the comfier you will be.

#MyADVICE — Wear the most comfortable shirts, sweaters, pants, shoes, dresses, high heels, etc. Nevertheless, AVOID looking like you just came out of bed. That could be the worst thing to do.

P.S.: a comfy outfit is not to wear pajamas all day long.

Visit my Polyvore profile for more #77IoS outfits!

[I think it’s obvious that I’m in love with Rihanna’s Creeper for Puma.]

With this second part of Winter Days, I’m achieving again this month challenge, #RetoHolidayLook (#HolidayLookChallenge), proposed by my community, Fashion Bloggers Venezuela (@fashionbloggersvzla.)

Don’t waste your time staring in front of the closet, pick the comfiest sweater that you have. Dinner is almost ready and you don’t want to miss a thing!

Photos — Manuel Velásquez

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